QS18VN6LP QS18VN6LPQ8 U.S.A. BANNER sensor machine vision
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· U.S.A. BANNER sensor machine vision

Receive the sensor in the Nation of U.S.A.
It is a very pointed automatic technology in the whole world specially to receive Minnesota states lying in U.S.A. of general headquarters of the company in the Nation of U.S.A. of Sensingandcontroloverwiredandwirelesslinks irelesslinks The family, whole solution provider. The company has 22,000 multi-type products, have the most complete product line, comprising: Photo-sensor, measuring and measuring products, industry's wireless networking products, visual sensor, security products, industry's intellectual pilot lamp and rotary encoder series, can meet all kinds of detection demands. In development of more than 40 years, receive the company and innovate the source motive force employed and researched and developed as the products all the time in the Nation.
Photoelectricity and supersonic wave find and gauge and find and detect and control machine vision to be wireless and control and control the research and development of products with more than 40 years and empirical beauty of market exploring safely The intersection of country and Nation it receives companies to be specialized sensory, find and automatic the intersection of technological scheme and provider. Receiving in the Nation has the strongest research and development ability in the same trade, the research and development centre located in U.S.A. brings in constant renewal in the Nation and receives the products, receiving in the Nation, the staff who are engaged in researching and developing account for 20% of staff's total number. Delivery date and strong technical support that the abundant products chose, fast guaranteed to receive the status of the leading person of the trade in the Nation.
Rely on the research and development platform received in Nation, and receive multi-field trade experiences such as making, traffic, car, food, pharmacy,etc. in the Nation, receive the automation of offering the different aspects to Chinese user and employ the whole solution in the Nation.

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· Receive the sensor Banner photoelectric switch type in the Nation of U.S.A.:

Detailed information: QS168EQ8,QS18VN6R,QS18VN6RQ8,
QS18UNA,QS18UPA,QS18UNAE ,,QS18UPAE ,,QS18, serial QS18EN6LP,
QS30VR3FF200, QS30VR3FF400, QS30VR3FF600, 5 stitch EURO cables MQDC1-506MQDC1
-515,MQDC1-530, MQDC1-506RA, MQDC1-515, RA, MQDC1-530, RA, the type is chosen


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